Exclusive Vinyl Bundle

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Unveil the Essence of 'VERITAS' with Our Limited Edition Vinyl Bundle

Step into the visceral energy and raw emotion of P.O.D.'s 'VERITAS' with this exclusive vinyl bundle, an offering that resonates with the authentic spirit of the music within. This collector's gem is not just a listening experience; it's a journey through the very soul of the band.

  • Limited Edition Autographed Splatter Vinyl: Each 140-gram heavyweight vinyl is adorned with a unique splatter pattern, echoing the chaotic beauty of 'VERITAS'. Hand-autographed by the band, this piece invites you into the heart of P.O.D.'s creative universe. Limited to 300 units, it’s a treasure for audiophiles and collectors alike.
  • Black Vinyl Slip Mat with Gold Logo: The 12-inch slip mat, emblazoned with the iconic P.O.D. logo in gold is not just a tool of the trade but a statement piece.
  • Enamel Logo Pin: The 2x1 inch black and gold pin is a subtle yet bold emblem of your affinity for the band. Wear it with pride on your lapel, hat, or guitar strap, showcasing your part in the P.O.D. Warrior family.